Workforce/Affordable Housing

The live/work ratio in St. Helena has been growing problem for many years. There are more jobs here than places to live which causes more cars on the road, air pollution, lost time, traffic jams, and more, including economic impacts. The problem is exacerbated by the high cost of housing and the reluctance of many in St. Helena to address the problem and accept well-designed multiple unit housing developments for agricultural and service workers, teachers, civil service workers, young people, single people, and older people who live alone and others -- all demographic categories who often prefer and seek out multi-unit living arrangements.

A group of local residents have formed an organization, Our Town, to purchase and develop a property on Pope St. for a mix of rental and purchase, both market rate and rent controlled. Our Town has presented a very current and well researched PowerPoint presentation to organizations in town to illustrate the problem, suggest directions and give everyone much food for thought.

Please view the presentation and understand how important it is to realize that contemporary society presents all towns with new realities all the time. It is far better to get out in front of those realities and manage change successfully and locally than to resist change, struggle with all the related difficulties and have few choices later on.

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